French I

Beginning French introduction

Parlez-vous français? Non? Then this 30 week class is for you. This high school level class is an introduction to the French language and culture. The class will give students an opportunity to use the spoken language to engage with their classmates and others. We will also work on listening skills and reading comprehension. The students will be exposed to vocabulary, idiomatic expressions and novice dialogues to develop the language and culture in meaningful ways.

The students will use greetings and conversational language as we begin the class. We will also emphasize culture, not only European France but also African culture and Canadian. In addition to the grammar and culture, we will emphasize the words that are used in English based on French. This will help prepare students for English language comprehension and standardized tests.

Class Homework requirements: There will be weekly written work with projects or other cultural activities to help in language exploration

Time: 12:55-2:25
Grades: 8-12
Class Fee: $415
Supply Fee: $95, Supply fee covers textbook Contacts by Valette and Valette, copies additional reading resources and cultural samples.
Tutor: Debbie Kohlbacher