French II & III

The second year of French is a continuation of French I.
This 30 week class will continue where French I ended. These high school level classes will cover the fundamentals of listening, speaking and writing. The students will use their beginning language and continue their development. We will do more listening comprehension and reading in the language. We will also use different methods for language acquisition including music, movies, reading and the textbook. We will continue to explore the French culture around the world and compare it to other cultures.

Our goal is that students will progress each year learning French language skills and a deeper understanding of its place in the world. We also emphasize making connections between English and French with all of the words that we get from their language. This skill will help develop English language and standardized test abilities.

Class Homework requirements: Students will have weekly assignments, writing other assignments to enhance the classroom experience

Time: 10:45-12:15
Grades: 9-12
Class Fee: $415
Supply Fee: $55, covers materials, copies, additional reading resources and cultural samples. If a textbook is needed for new students to the program there will be an additional $45 fee. 
Tutor: Debbie Kohlbacher