Forensic Science II

This is a 32 week 1 1/2-hour class. Forensics is an exciting and rapidly growing field of study and a favorite among students. In Forensics II, we will be digging deeper and covering many topics that we just did not have time to cover in the first year of Forensics.

We will be using curriculum written by a high school Forensics teacher frustrated that there was not a lot of curricula to choose from. She worked closely with police investigators and other law enforcement agencies and even was allowed to witness crime scene investigations.  She also worked with crime labs and other forensic specialists. We will review and go deeper with some subjects covered in Forensics 1 such as blood evidence, forensic processes (chain of custody, handling of evidence), and a few others.

In Forensics 2, we will take a more in depth look at crime scene investigation processes, photography, hair, fibers, DNA, ballistics, arson, death investigation, autopsy, toxicology, and forensic anthropology.

We will research current events and cold cases. There will be projects based on some Forensic Files episodes, the Innocence Project, and serial killer research. We will be using podcasts, documentaries, and clips from various sources to learn how the forensics we are learning about in the classroom is applied to real life criminal investigation. There is even a holiday crime scene project and a “cereal” killer project.

There will be engaging and exciting activities such as arson projects to build, pig and pickle autopsies, designing a blood spatter lab, and analyzing crime scenes. I have taught high school Forensics for 10 years, and this second year of Forensics has been requested by students for years. I can’t wait to explore with your student!

This class offers incredibly engaging labs and activities that are designed to keep the interest of students, while still offering them rich content that is focused on real-world investigations and case studies. The curriculum is designed to target all learning styles and offers differentiated instruction for high school students. Students are encouraged to collaborate and explore in a student-directed learning environment.

*Please note:

* This curriculum is designed for students in grades 11-12 and contains content that may not be suitable for students under the age of 16.

*We will not be studying sexual crimes in detail, but some of the research or cases we cover may involve sexual assault.

*DNA will be covered in class and all that it entails; however, it will be tastefully and tactfully discussed.

* All students will be expected to behave respectfully during class.

* The curriculum is provided. You will need to provide a binder with dividers and paper, safety goggles (optional), and students need access to Schoology and a computer at home for research.

Class Homework: Students should expect about 30-40 minutes a day minimum on average.


Time: 10:45-12:15
Grades:  11-12  ** see below
Class fees: $450
Supply and Lab fees: $95 (all curriculum and lab supplies provided)
Tutor: Andrea Reese

Forensics 1 is a pre-requisite to this class.  However,  12th grade students who have not had Forensics 1 may choose between Forensics 1 or  Forensics 2.