American Government and Economics

1st Semester – American Government*

This class will explain concepts, organizations, branches, foundations, and policies of the United State government and political systems.  We will accomplish this using videos, accessed at home, to introduce the topics each week.  The videos will bring to life the story of the greatest democracy (or is it a republic – we will find out) the world has ever known.  Then, in class each week, we will debate, discuss and sometimes disagree about the role of government and how it shapes our lives.  All students that are prepared for class and ready to actively participate will succeed.  Critical thinking and analytical skills will be sharpened and honed while persuasive verbal communication will be the order of the day.    

All factual viewpoints will be respected.  We will not hide from controversial topics of discussion, however, it is a classroom and it is conducted in a church, therefore, we will be appropriate and mature at all times to allow for learning and growth.  Material will be presented without bias or agenda.  

Required materials:

  • Internet Access and a device to watch assigned videos and research topics
  • 1 inch three ring binder that will be provided

2nd Semester – Economics* 

This class will explain almost everything.  That is correct, the study of economics will provide the answers to almost every question you have thought about concerning the behavior of individuals and organizations.  It will be at times mind blowing and other times painfully obvious.  Never again will you consider the study of Economics boring or impractical.  

Similar to the first semester, we will access videos to explain concepts prior to class.  Then, in class each week we will work with the economic concepts through discussion and activities.  Most classes will consist of a dynamic activity to experience the practical application of an economic principle.  Being prepared to actively participate in class is required.  If we can all remain friends and survive first semester, the study of Economics may just change your life.  

Required Material:

  • Internet Access and device to watch assigned videos and research topics
  • 1 inch three ring binder that will be provided

Class Homework requirements: Weekly assignments 


Times: 9:00-10:30
Grades: 9th -12th
Class Fee: $350
Supply Fee: $50
Tutor: Jamie Reed

*Meets the requirements for the mandatory American Government and Economics High School credit.