*Individualized ACT Prep

This 15-week course is designed for high school students who have not previously taken the ACT, and for students who have taken the ACT and want to improve their score. This course emphasizes test-taking strategies unique to the ACT, how to best use the time allotted for each section, how to maximize what you know, and how to approach questions that you don’t otherwise know how to answer. This course provides instruction on each portion of the test – English, Math, Reading, and Science. While success on the ACT depends primarily on mastery of specific concepts, a student’s ability to succeed can be greatly enhanced with careful preparation.

This course is only available in the fall semester. Homework will be given each week according to the subject/ topic being worked on that session.

*This may be counted as a 1/2 – credit high school course. Please check with your cover school, however, for confirmation.

Calculator: Students must use an ACT approved calculator in class each week and must have access to this same calculator for at-home assignments. No phones are allowed in the actual ACT. Students will need to practice on the same device at home, and in class, as they will be using the day of the test. This will build muscle memory and speed up their calculation times.

This class will have a maximum number of 10 students each session in order for the students to get appropriate individualized assessments and direction during our weekly sessions.

Class Homework Assignments: minimal

Tuesday [Fall class ONLY]   

Time: 9:00-10:30
Grades: 10 – 12
Class Fee: $200
Books and Supply Fee: $60 ( Includes ALL books and study materials)
Tutor: Andrea Reese