Pinned It! A study in Pinterest Projects

Have you ever spent time on Pinterest?  If you have, you have no doubt been inspired to art, craft and create.  I’m thrilled to offer this new class which is part art, part craft and tons of fun.  Our projects will include gifts, experiments, art, craft and occasional cooking. Often times we will be doing seasonal projects.  No matter what, be prepared to be inspired and have loads of fun.

This class will require items that will need to be provided by the student.  Often times just items that can be easily found at home.  Occasionally extras may need to be purchased.

I am looking forward to helping your child to have Nailed It!

Class Homework: Occasional homework required to finish projects


Time: 12:55-2:25
Grades: 5-8
Class Fee: $395
Supply fee: $95 (all materials are NOT provided with this fee)
Tutor: Amy Potter Smith