Magic Treehouse History

I believe history for kids should pique the curiosity, spark the imaginations, and create a sense of adventure in children (and adults!) about what came before them and how it has shaped their world! Placing ourselves in the time period we are learning about helps us understand what it was like to live, work, eat and play during that period. By reading about other children and people “living” the history, the history will matter to them. The Magic Treehouse series takes us along with the characters as they do exactly that!

From Dinosaurs at Dawn to High Tide in Hawaii kids will read one chapter book per week and discuss the book in class book club style.  Weekly assignments will include projects, not-your-basic-book reports, stem projects, research, trivia, and more. Students will need to purchase or borrow Magic Treehouse books 1-28 or the recordings of the books.

As students’ abilities vary please know that family assistance with both reading and writing is encouraged. Reading nor writing in class will be required. Occasionally students will be presenting their projects or research but I am happy to assist. The only requirement will be willingness to read the books weekly and to participate in class discussions.

While there is an element of magic in the Magic Treehouse series, it is not the primary focus of the books. The focus is the adventures the characters find throughout history and magic won’t be discussed in the classroom.


Time: 12:55-2:25
Grade: 2-5
Cost: $350
Supply Fee: $75
Tutor: Rena’ Gammon

***Parents will need to provide copies of the Magic Treehouse books 1-28 in either print or audio. They may be borrowed from the library but you may find it easier to purchase to avoid not having the books.***