Heaven and Earth Science

In this 30 week, one-and-a-half-hour class, your child will explore earth science and astronomy. From the oceans of Earth to our solar system your child will discover how God created our unique world to the whole universe. Students will see God’s hand as we study weather, stars, rocks, and comets. One cannot help but delight in the intricacy of our planet to the entire universe.

God’s Design for Life textbooks teach science from a biblical, creationist perspective, emphasizing God’s handiwork in the world around us. Classes will consist of lectures and hands-on activities and projects. God’s Design book contains special feature articles that examine the lives of scientists throughout history who have contributed to the subject. Other articles contain fun facts. Finally, the book has an optional unit project which can be completed at home that ties all the lessons together and reinforces what the student has learned. This is a fun class with minimal homework. Come join us in learning about the world that God created!

Please note that this book has 3 sections: Our Weather & Water, Our Universe, and Our Planet Earth. This class will focus on Our Weather & Water and Our Planet Earth sections but if time allows, we will also look at the Our Universe.

Required materials:

  • God’s Design for Heaven & Earth (MB Edition), Our Weather & Water | Our Universe | Our Planet Earth         ISBN 13 9781683441298
  • Access to Schoology – this is where assignments will be posted.

Class homework requirements: Weekly reading and occasional homework assignments


Time: 9:00 – 10:30
Grades: 4-6
Class Fee: $365
Supply fee: $90
Tutor: Jill Knight