Coding Kids ONLINE – Scratch + Robotics

Does your student love playing video games? Are they curious about how things work? This ONLINE course will convert them from video game player to video game creator. In addition, robotics will be used to reinforce practical application. With programming considered the new literacy, these skills will strengthen students’ critical thinking, logic, and problem solving.

Programming provides multiple benefits:

  • Programming builds confidence as students get real-time feedback while they work.
  • Programming inspires innovation. There is no limit to the types of projects students can create.
  • Programming translates to other subject areas and supports learning in math, science, and reading. It uses all elements of STEAM (Science, Technology, Arts, and Math) at the same time
  • Programming is becoming a fundamental skill, like reading and math. It is considered a new type of literacy for the 21st century
  • Programming, like a second language is best learned at an early age
  • Any student is capable of programming. Last year over 200 million children were exposed to coding

Scratch is a great first programming language no matter the experience level. Students will sequence and connect programmed coding blocks to make characters and objects come alive. They will create animations, video games, and bring scenes to life with sound. Self expression will be used to design characters and backdrops and problem solving to create specific outcomes on-screen.

For the robotics portion of the course students will build cars, games, a robotic arm plus more. Then they will program the movement of their creations to bring together the on-screen instructions with hands-on application.

This is a wonderful launching pad for students to continue to advance their programming knowledge to higher level languages. Students will be able to save all of their class work to build on skills obtained throughout the school year.

Materials Needed:

  • Students may use their own device or rent a Chromebook from me ($100 rental fee for the school year)
  • A reliable internet connection is needed to watch the weekly lessons.

If using your own device: Computer or Chromebook running Google Chrome browser. I strongly discourage tablets due to limited screen size and some functionality limitations within the Scratch program.

Due to the variation in devices, settings, and configurations, I will be unable to troubleshoot device issues when using your own device.

Class Homework: Students will need to complete the assigned challenges and upload them to the class studio in Scratch. Instructions will be provided.

Online Class

This is an online class which is helpful if your student needs to pause or replay parts of the lesson. I will be available to assist with coding questions each week. There will also be pre-scheduled opportunities for students to meet up in-person after school hours during both semesters.

Time: Lessons will be released to Schoology weekly
Grades: 3-5
Class Fee: $400
Books and Supply Fee: Vex Robotics kit $230

*I will buy back robotics kits in proper condition with working parts at the end of the school year

Tutor: Angel Parkes

Minimum class size of 6 required