Basics of Grammar

Rick Riordan’s character Junior in Magnus Chase listed an interesting grammar lesson among things that do not exist.  I beg to differ.  Learning grammar doesn’t have to be painful.  We will keep it light, relevant, informative, and, gasp!, fun.

For the budding linguist or the kid who has steadily avoided acknowledging the very existence of grammar, this 30 week class has something for you.   We will learn parts of speech, how to label parts of a sentence, when and how a preposition is used correctly,  clauses vs. phrases, and other overlooked but fundamental parts of an English education.  With Wordly Wise (the original!) we will also include a vocabulary study.

In class discussion will be lively.  Practice will be based on the Shurley Method (Shurley English 5) and will include the use of Shurley English practice workbooks (provided).  These practice booklets will be Student’s how to “notes” for the week’s homework.  They should be prepared to ask questions in class, follow along with discussion, and copy from the board.  If students have difficulty coping from the board, accommodations may be made for them to photograph the board for later reference. 

Students can earn extra points with vocabulary practice at and with in class vocabulary wars.

Texts will include Wordly Wise, Easy Grammar, and Shurley English 5 Student and Practice books.  Students will find that, through the repetition of Shurley English and the slightly different nomenclature of Easy Grammar, by the end of the school year they will have a true working knowledge of the basics of grammar that transcend the bounds of one individual program taught in isolation. 

Students will need:

  • A binder and 4 dividers (labeled: homework, notes, handouts, vocabulary)
  • Access to Schoology- tests, and assignments will be posted there
  • Dictionary

Class homework requirements: daily Easy Grammar assignments, completion of sentence labeling begun in class, and a (weekly) chapter of Wordly Wise.  Students can expect to spend about 20-30 minutes a day on homework (~3 days a week) and slightly longer once a week to complete a test on Schoology. 

Parent involvement should be minimal.


Time: 10:45-12:15
Class Fees: 
Supply fee:
$85 ( includes all books/texts)
Candace Fortino