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I am truly one of the most blessed people.  I get to spend time with all these beautiful kids.  The students at The Cordova Tutorial are so much fun.  I am grateful for our wonderfully supportive and loving families. 

 If you are homeschooling and looking for outside enhancement classes in the Memphis area, please check us out.  Just about to consume our Science of Cooking experiment  Controlled chaos in The Science of Cooking Class    Creating DNA sequences in General Science Class.   STEM challenge build a Roller Coaster.  Great Job GuysFocus on Creating unique projects in response to STEM challenges  This will only hurt for a second.  Collecting blood for cross matching in A&P grades 5-8 STEM challenge Build a Tiny Tree House  Every STEM challenge participant is wonderfully unique in their projects A&P grades 5-8 looking for energy in food Chemistry/Physics class grades 4-8th. Labs are fun A&P Creating a GI theme park.  These were so fun. Lots of Laughs and Learning. I love how excited they get over this project  Dissecting a long bone in High School Anatomy and Physiology.  Who knew there was so much to learn about a bone.  Can you make a creation in a cast and smile about it?  We can. Creating Pumpkin Launchers  Can you make a Roux.  These kids can.  They also love to eat the results Escape rooms are the best.  Love to see the team work  Such concentration.  I love the way all the kids work together   Bridge building.  How much weight can your’s hold!  Can you harness Wave energy?  STEM Advanced  What about this Idea….. New working real world style  STEM advenced The Creative Juices are flowing.  STEM Advanced  How do you make your man stand up?  Bones of course. A&P 5-8th grade  Creating the edible cell.  A&P 5-8th grade  Mummy heads…..  Well the Egyptians did it right?  A&P 5-8th Sink? / Float?  How did your project work?  STEM grades 4-8 Thursdays