S. T. E. M.

S. T. E. M.

This class will focus on hands-on inquiry and open-ended exploration in the combined fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Students will work collaboratively to discover solutions and designs to real world situations and problems. There will be multiple right answers and failure will be reframed as a positive step on the way to discovering and designing solutions and as a necessary part of learning.

Our goal is activating students’ curiosity, leading them to ask good questions, and transferring the responsibility for learning from the teacher to the student. Guests with different areas of expertise such as science, math, computer technology, air and space, will be brought in as available.

This year will be an entire new set of challenges. Here is a sample of the challenges we will be doing this year.

  • Cuneiform Coding Challenge
  • Barbie (and GI Joe) Bungee Jumping Challenge
  • Design and Build a Flotation Device Challenge

Time:  9:00-10:30
Grades: 4-8  
Class Fee: $325
Supply fee: $75
Tutor:  Kathy Ethridge, Megan Powell, Wendi Sisson plus guest tutors