Grammar and Composition with Shurley English

Grammar and Composition with Shurley English

In this 30 week 1 ½ hour class is focused on nurturing a love of the English language–along with an understanding of how it’s correctly used.  The foundation of the instruction will utilize the award-winning grammar program Shurley English Homeschool.  Shurley English is considered by many to be the most effective English curriculum available to homeschoolers.  This class will assist in imparting the unique features and strategies provided by Shurley English to foster success in grammar skills, and writing. The class will strive to provide a solid foundation for a lifetime of literacy and confidence in written communication.   

Although this program is highly structured, the classroom portion will be fun and interactive and taught with continual teacher-student interaction.  We will use Shurley English Level 4, an excellent place to being grammar studies, or continue reinforcing grammar. The instructional portion will be covered completely in class and designed in a way that students should be able to work independently at home to complete assignments.  Homework will be required to reinforce concepts covered in class, and can be completed in approximately 20-40 minutes daily. It will include writing assignments, vocabulary, and assignments from their Workbook and Practice Booklet. The optional CD presents jingles and Question and Answer Flows for different parts of speech making learning especially fun and easy for auditory learners.  

Students will purchase their own workbook and practice booklet. (Approximate cost of purchasing new is $25.)  ISBN: 1585610372 &  ISBN: 1585610550

Shurley English Level 4 Student Workbook

Shurley English Level 4 Practice Booklet

Optional: Shurley English Level 4 Practice CD

Jingles can also be found on youtube


Time: 9:00-10:30
Class Fees: 
Supply fee:
$45 (does not include workbook and practice booklet)
Candace Fortino