Computer Applications

Computer Applications (formerly Computer Essentials)

In this 30-week class, we will learn how to use and feel comfortable with a computer. Students will learn basic skills to navigate a computer (how to create, save, open, edit & find files on their computer). We will cover basic skills for the following software: Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Internet browsers, and Schoology. We will also cover the anatomy of a computer, digital citizenship, online safety, and a brief introduction to programming. Keyboarding will be assigned for at-home practice but will not be covered in-depth in class. Each student will work on 1-2 group projects and give several individual PowerPoint presentations to the class. This class requires no previous computer knowledge.

Laptops: All students must have a laptop (not a tablet) to work on in class each week. Laptops must be running a recent version of Windows (7 is the oldest acceptable version), or Macs are also OK. Laptops must be able to connect to wifi. It must have a recent version of Microsoft Office (365, 2016, or 2010); students without Microsoft Office may work on an alternate project during that unit. Please contact the tutor for any type of laptop other than Windows or Mac/Apple. A very limited number of laptops are available from the tutor on a first-come, first-served basis. Students must demonstrate understanding of the care of the laptop and leave a deposit before being able to check out a laptop for the year.


Time:  12:55-2:25
Grades: 7th-12th (parents also welcome to enroll)
Class Fee: $400
Supply fee: $85
Tutor: Wendi Sisson