World Geography /American Government -Model UN

World Geography/American Government -Model UN

During the Fall semester, students will focus on World Geography with an emphasis on world cultures, religions, governments. The semester culminates in participation in the YMCA Model UN.

The spring semester will focus on American Government with preparing a proposed bill to present at the Youth Legislature.

This YMCA program teaches civic involvement, understanding of the process of government, writing, research technique, parliamentary procedure, debating skills and oral speaking skills. The YMCA Center for Civic Engagement is a statewide leadership
development program designed to allow students ages 11-19 to experience
the processes of government in a hands-on way.

Students present their bill in committee at the YMCA conferences with students from other Memphis schools. The students will then vote to send a bill from their committee to the General Assembly. If your bill is
chosen you then present before the entire assembly.

Required Materials:

  • Internet access, computer and printer (all resolutions/bills must be typed and assignments will be posted online

Time:  10:45-12:15
Grades: 6th – 8th
Class Fee: $350 for full year class
Supply Fee: $110 (fee includes registration fees for both the YMCA Model UN and Youth Legislature)
Tutor: Kim Erickson