Novel and Fiction Writing Workshop

Novel and Fiction Writing Workshop
(Creative Writing*)

Is your student interested in writing fiction? Are they always coming up with new ideas for a story? This workshop will turn writing dreams into real manuscripts. Projects will focus on world building, character development, plot, pacing, and much more. Students will begin writing their own novel as well as shorter pieces like picture books and short stories. In-class critique groups and personalized editorial feedback will help students grow as storytellers.

In addition, students will participate in the overall writing community through these exciting challenges:

  • National Novel Writing Month brings together more than 400,000 authors and writers committed to meeting their writing goals.
  • Storystorm encourages a “storm” of new ideas and provides valuable insight from published authors.

*Meets the graduation requirements for either:

  • One elective credit (Creative Writing) 
  • Or the writing portion of the required English credit (if approved by your cover school).

Required Materials:

  • Live Writing: Breathing Life into Your Words by Ralph Fletcher

                ISBN-10: 0380797011
               ISBN-13: 978-0380797011

  • National Novel Writing Month’s Young Novelist Workbook – High School, 4th Edition Can be found here:
  • Internet access and computer (all assignments must be typed)

Time: 10:45-12:15
Grades: 9th – 12th
Class Fee: $400
Supply Fee: $60
Tutor: Kim Erickson