Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Whether it’s in front of a crowd or in a one-on-one job interview, communication skills are essential. This class will equip students to help them excel in the future. Students will give prepared speeches, participate in impromptu speaking exercises and serve as peer evaluators. Students will be assigned to present about 7 prepared speeches each semester. However, every student will speak in every class whether it is a prepared or impromptu exercise.

Student will learn:

  • The basics of organizing a speech
  • Effective use of eye contact, props, voice and body language
  • Effective research
  • Storytelling
  • Use of humor
  • Effective use of rhetorical devices
  • How to introduce a speaker
  • Job Interviewing skills
  • And much more!

*Meets the requirements for one High School credit (if approved by your cover school).

Required Materials:

  • No Textbook Required
  • Internet access and computer (all speeches must be typed)

Time:  9:00-10:30
Grades:  8th -12th  
Class Fee: $380 
Supply Fee: $50
Tutor: Kim Erickson